A New Jerusalem

October 8, 2013

I think a call to "Mission" is incomplete without a call to Creativity, Redemption thru the Arts, and a Spirit of Hospitality.

We know serving and caring for the poor and defending the weak is Who God is, BUT so is the very the heart of the gospel-

Reconciliation of all men to His Father's heart...

And, so, In my heart and mind,
Artists are used of God as humble Reconcilers.

Made like Christ (THE Chief Reconciler) to be obedient to the call to beauty, broken and poured out for others in small ways.

What better way to woo the hearts of tired, bitter, broken, cold, cynical, lost, forgotten, and the lonely
than to offer them beauty to to remind them God is both Good and Kind.

Are we forgetting the Holy Spirit and the Role women and creatives so beautifully play in bringing healing and community to a city?


What role does a candlelight family meal, beautiful music, a beautifully written story, abstract paintings in beautiful colors, a yummy glass of wine, a rose garden play in the restoration of Birmingham? In the Restoration of your own heart?

Beauty nurtures, heals, restores, stirs hope, brings life...

The gospel of Grace calls for: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty -
 otherwise it is anemic.

To me, to give a call toward Restoration and Hope for change in our city apart from the intentional, extravagant, and winsome use of beauty seems like we are limiting God and the majesty of who HE is and who he's called us to be as co-creators with Him.

If I am going to be part of The Church - graced and privileged with the mark of His Spirit, walking in the good works HE has prepared in advance for me, most likely my part is a small one - bringing beauty to my family and nurture to the creative community and through my paintbrush as HE leads.

I'm not asking to be acknowledged/affirmed ...
I'm just grieved because the New Jerusalem is all about beauty

AND I long to see THAT city being built Here and Now.

Where the Spirit of God is....there is Freedom....

And I am restful in this call no matter wether it is seen or known.

But, I am longing to see the flask of Nard broken and poured out over the city of Birmingham...would the sweet music of Heaven and the Fragrance of Christ fill the streets of this city and rise before the Throne -

on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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