An Invitation to a Pentecost Conversation (part 1)

May 16, 2014

-And The Light is shining in the darkness, and the darkness did not overtake it.-


I have a friend who always smiles, toungue in cheek and tells me when she "writes her book,"

the first sentence will begin;

"This is ALL Gina Hurry's fault."

I begin by saying I'm glad there is Someone bigger than me to blame for this Conversation I'm inviting you into.

My job is just the inviting . . .

Deep down I imagine this conversation about Beauty and the Church and the Coming Kingdom and Hope and Reconciliation and the Wedding Feast (and SO much more) has been going on in the Company of the Trinity--Father, Son and Spirit--throughout the ages-  

we are just moving by faith toward their conversation with curiosity and anticipation

in hopes that we might marvel at the beauty together and be changed.

The upcoming InSpero Art Gallery and Conversation on Pentecost Sunday is a culmination of many, many dreams, and hearts, and conversations over the last several years. It's been an organic unfolding of events.

This is a step of courage and  a way of inviting others into the things I am personally hungry to explore and taste.

As an artist I take The Creator seriously and I know I have a compelling to also create and restore. . . a heart after HIS heart. . . I delight in asking others to join me.

The short explanation behind the scenes (for me) is simply a DEEP love for The Church, my City, and the Creative Community in my city.

I've wrestled a good deal over the past years around the relationship between  Artists and The Church - not just in theory but in practice; blood, sweat, and many tears.

So, by hosting this conversation I'm inviting you to my Valley of Dry Bones.

There are some thing I have been convinced of in this journey- that apparently weren't what God had planned . . . I've learned it's better to enter into these things with an open heart and open hands.

So, even now I yield ALL of my desires for the Church and the Artists I love to HIM.


I have come to be a REAL believer in the power of collaboration and community

and we CERTAINLY wouldn't be having this conversation if it were not for COUNTLESS brothers and sisters who have journeyed, fought, and loved me and this creative community well.

If you are curious, wounded, alienated, numb, alone, hopeful, or anything else . . .

You are invited to the Table. COME AS YOU ARE.



4:30-5:30          Art Gallery

5:30                  Music and Dance

6-7pm               Conversation led by Gordon Bals PhD about The Church, Beauty, and Artists as Prophets


Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church, 5080 Cahaba Valley Trace

Birmingham AL 35242

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