Board Member Highlight: Marjean Brooks

November 12, 2014

In the upcoming months, InSpero will introduce you to each of our amazing Board of Advisors. (Go to InSpero Family page to see a list of our Board members). We begin with Marjean Brooks, co-author of The Way of Grace.  

Writing poetry, stories and articles on faith have been a lifelong pursuit for Marjean Brooks, who has published poems, devotionals and articles in many publications. She has written personal memoir pieces in a monthly column for a local newspaper. She agreed to serve on the board of advisors for InSpero because it is in line with her heart to nurture creatives, inspire beauty and revive Birmingham.

For 25 years Marjean has been leading hundreds of women in in-depth Bible study (mostly through Precept Ministries). She has recently started a blog Soul Sanctuary, where she hopes to impact a greater audience of weary travelers, bringing encouragement and hope by illuminating spiritual truth.

Below is information about her new book released by Intervarsity Press.  You are invited to a book signing reception on Sunday November 30 from 3-5 p.m. (See InSpero calendar for more information.).  Click here for more information on ordering The Way of Grace.


"No matter how old you are or how many degrees you have or don't have—when grace takes you to school, you start in kindergarten."

This was the experience of Reverend Glandion Carney when he was given the life-altering news that he has Parkinson's disease. He was plunged into denial and despair. This was not supposed to be his journey. How could he face it?

Captured with poignant vulnerability by co-author, Marjean Brooks, The Way of Grace describes one man's journey into a new land of God's amazing grace. Both his honesty and his resilience will inspire and inform your own times of difficulty.

In each chapter we are introduced to a spiritual practice that can carry us through difficult days: acceptance, relinquishment, community, simplicity and more. And a guide at the end of each chapter carries us into a brief and refreshing experience with each of the practices.

God's unmerited grace saves us, strengthens us and sanctifies us. We too can experience lives full of grace and truth, courageously searching out God's wonders every day.

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