Bringing You Out to the Light

March 26, 2014

Lent Day 20, Thursday, March 27

But as for me, I will look to the Lord;
 I will wait for the God of my salvation;
 my God will hear me. Rejoice not over me, O my enemy;
 when I fall, I shall rise;
 when I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me.  I will bear the indignation of the Lord
 because I have sinned against him,
 until he pleads my cause and executes judgment for me.
 He will bring me out to the light;
 I shall look upon his vindication. Micah 7:7-9

There will be times you fall. When you sit in the darkness. When you sin against the Lord. When your enemies seem to be winning. Hear the Lord’s promise: you shall rise, the Lord will be your light and bring you out to the light. You shall look upon His vindication. He will plead your cause.

Ponder: When you sin, you are tempted to hide in the dark. Will you instead look to the Lord, wait for God, listen for him, look into His light?

Praise: The Lord will be a light to you. He will bring you out to the light. Because of Jesus, you will look upon His vindication.

Photographer: Vicki Hunt, "Soar"

Photographer: Vicki Hunt, "Soar"
Photographer: Vicki Hunt, "Soar"

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