Creating Space for God Allowing Him to Create Through You

January 20, 2016
Undone  by  Amy Grimes
Undone by Amy Grimes
"Yet whatever else it may be, Lent should never be morose—
an annual ordeal during which we begrudgingly forgo a handful of pleasures.
Instead, we ought to approach Lent as an opportunity, not a requirement.
After all, it’s meant to be the church’s springtime,
a time when, out of the darkness of sin’s winter,
a repentant, empowered people emerges."
Shauna Niequest, Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter

InSpero offers you two opportunities to create space for God in your busy lives this Lenten season. Through our Lent retreats and Easter People daily "cyber" Lenten reflections, we encourage you to consider the power of Scripture in your creative process.

Lenten Retreats

You are invited to our annual Lenten retreat for a time of beauty, rest, quiet community, and Scripture in preparation for the Lent Season. This retreat includes a Lectio Divina (a slow, meditative reading of short section of Scripture), a time for personal reflection, and thoughtful discussion on how to use Lent as a time of creative offering. Register early as each session is limited to 30 people. The cost is $12 for evening session to cover materials, coffee and dessert and $25 for the day session to cover materials, light breakfast, and lunch. To register, please go to the invitation link.

Evening Option

Wednesday, February 3, 6:30-9 p.m. $12
The Clubhouse on Highland
2908 Highland Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35205

Day Option

Thursday, February 4, 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. $25
The Salems' Farm
2732 Eastern Valley Road (Hwy 119), Leeds, AL 35094

Easter People

Join us in our Lenten journey of creating space for God with Scripture, art, and a briefdaily reflection, this year focused on the theme of light and darkness. Follow Easter People on instagram at easter_people, twitter on @easter_people and on Facebook at Easter People.

Arrangement and photo by  Adorned Floral
Arrangement and photo by Adorned Floral

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