InSpero People: Wellon Bridgers

September 23, 2016

Wellon was so gracious to allow us to use her art for the invitation for InSpero’s October events featuring Steve Garber and Andi Ashworth. We appreciate her generosity and are so glad to introduce others to her and her art.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I studied English and French at Auburn University and received my Masters in English at Wake Forest University. I taught for several years in the high school and university setting and have worked closely with service learning programs. During this time, I discovered a love for painting and enjoy exploring new techniques and styles. I currently serves as the US Director for Mwana Villages, a grassroots organization caring for the most marginalized in the Republic of Congo. I’m married to Stephen and we have four (playful, creative, determined and spunky) children: Fitz, Chloe, Daniel and Leila.

Where can we see your art?

I will be showing my work at two upcoming shows: Bluff Park Art Show (October 1st) and Moss Rock Art Festival(November 5-6). I also show regularly at Gallery 1930 and Scene and Art Alley in Birmingham. My website is and I'm on Instagram at @wellonart.

How is your life different from what you imagined when you were in high school?

This is pretty insightful and VERY amusing to think about how my life is different than how I imagined in high school. In many ways, it’s exactly as I would have hoped or imagined—several of my same dear friends from high school (and before) have become like sisters; I still love some of the same simple creative things in life like  a woodsy stroll and a cup of coffee and time to journal. But to think of how the Lord has shaped and molded my early passions into callings and endeavors to which I devote my life now is humbling. My high school self may be surprised to hear that we have boy/girl twins AND two children whom we adopted from Congo; that my days would be spent between mama-ing; collaborating with partners in ministry from Congo, France, Canada and right here in Alabama; and painting (and showing those paintings!). But I wouldn’t trade any of it and am so deeply grateful for the opportunities He has provided.

What are three things that have inspired you recently?

I have been so inspired recently by a few people: 1. My brilliant artistic mama (Emily Lee) who designs incredible interior spaces. Watching her aesthetic change from French country to contemporary funky has been truly inspiring. She has a way to create lived-in, artistic, beautiful spaces that truly reflect individuality and creativity. 2. Heather Day is an artist out of San Francisco that is really inspiring me in her abstract interpretation of the world around her. I find that because I am always so inspired by other artists, it’s both a challenge and a joy to find your own signature within that inspiration—not borrowing from other artists’ work, but using that creativity as an impetus to push me further. 3. The Psalms. And our incredible music minister’s songwriting of those Psalms (Adam Wright with Corner Room Music at Cahaba Park Church). I am quite positive there will never be a day I crack open my Bible to the Psalms and am not awed by its poetry, comforted by its truth, emboldened by the writers' tenacity.

How would you like to be remembered?

What an interesting question. This very question was posed to a group of Congolese visitors we hosted just recently. My father was delivering the homily at a close friend’s funeral, and he in turn asked our visitors what they would most like to be remembered for. For me, I don’t really care to be remembered except by those I love most dearly, a simple handful of people and for them, I would love to know that they have come to know their Creator and Savior a little more closely because I have been continually awed by Him. Most days, I probably fall pretty short of it. But who knows…maybe one day they’ll read this back and find that we all journeyed together to see His goodness a little more clearly in life.

If you were going to be stuck on a desert island, what 5 things (besides food and other necessities) would you want to have?

Well, as a mom to four kids six years old and under, being on a desert island with NO ONE and NOTHING around sounds pretty incredible for this very introverted mama! That simple gift of quietness is one that I cherish, even though I know these years of a noisy energetic home are to be cherished! So packing my bags for this dream of a quiet isolated place, I’d take some melancholy songwriter music (the Patti Griffin type), my journal and Bible (the Psalms are nearly worn through), cookie dough, leggings and my leopard crocs. When can we leave!?

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