Singer / Songwriter Retreat and Concert with Allen Levi and Andy Gullahorn

April 9, 2021
Allen Levi and Andy Gullahorn, with pianist Dewayne Creswell at InSpero Songwriter Concert / photo by Emily Kicklighter

Allen Levi and Andy Gullahorn, longtime friends, spent a day and evening with InSpero and writers, poets and musicians encouraging us to see and share stories through song. The daytime retreat was held at the Downeys' beautiful outdoor porch followed by an evening concert at the garage theatre of the Morris family.

Andy Gullahorn and Allen Levi leading InSpero songwriter retreat March 5, 2022 / photo by Erin Nolen

After such a long, isolating year of lockdown, we gathered in a safe, outdoor setting. The evening concert, hosted by the Morris family, delighted all who came. Many said it was just good to laugh again and listen to beautiful music.

What would an InSpero event be without twinkle lights?

You can see more photos from the retreat provided by Erin Nolen Photography here:

And for the concert these photos from Emily Kicklighter Photograph here:

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