Social Justice and Equality in Our City and World

As InSpero acknowledges the deep racial wounds of our city, our posture is one of kneeling, not standing. We grieve the injustices suffered by people of color through systemic oppression. We desire to listen, learn, lament, and be part of the healing of our city. We kneel in prayer and repentance and stand with those who recognize and work for racial reconciliation and equality.

InSpero exists to help creatives thrive because we believe that when Birmingham’s creative community flourishes, our city will reach its fullest potential. Our first event in 2013 was a prayer breakfast and call for artists to create around the 50th anniversary of the Sixteenth Street Church bombing. More than forty artists from around the city, of different ages and races, participated in “50 Years of Hopes and Dreams.” We believe in the power of creative community to help bring healing, hope, and real change to our city and churches.