What Will We Do with This World Filled with Beauty and Brokenness?

February 16, 2015

That question is the heartbeat of InSpero. We long to see Birmingham as The City Beautiful with all its people taking their places in its transformation: the dreamers, artists, artisans, makers, storytellers; the risk-takers, entrepreneurs, business people; the healers, reconcilers, pastors and churches; the teachers and givers; and the children and lovers of beauty.

Steve Garber, an InSpero board member, writes in his book, Visions of Vocation,

“Knowing what we know about the world, with all its wonder and wounds, what we will do? Do we see ourselves implicated, for love’s sake, in the way the world turns out?”

We are called to love Birmingham—with all its wonders and wounds—the way God loves it, with eyes open to both its beauty and brokenness. InSpero provides ways to live in this tension, to heal the brokenness, to give hope through beauty, to reconcile, to give hints of heaven, to keep dreaming and connecting with other dreamers.

One such event is this week:

You are invited to this powerful photography show that will highlight the truth and tension of Imago Dei—all humanity made in the image of God—in the midst of our poverty, in the search for sustaining work, and in the brokenness of our circumstances. This show features the prize-winning work of regional photographers and artwork of children at Restoration Academy. There will be wine, beer and appetizers with music by Gabriel Tajeu. Please take a minute to hear from Vicki Hunt, our featured artist.

We hope you will see through these images a love overflowing boundaries, colors, zip codes, denominations, genders and busy schedules. We are grateful to sponsors and vendors who have made this offering possible.

Another way to keep connected to beauty and truth through Lent.


Our 40-day Lenten reflections begin this Wednesday, February 18 through our Easter People page found on Facebook.

This year’s theme is “BEHOLD!” with a challenge to pause and pay attention, something not to be taken for granted in our distracted, over-busy lives. Paying attention—beholding with our eyes, minds and hearts—connects us more deeply with our souls, God and the world.

For 40 days, can you sacrifice at least 40 seconds to behold a daily reflection of Scripture, art and prayer?

40 Days.

40 Scriptures.

40 Artists.

40 Reflections.

Join us in this daily reflection featuring images from regional artists by liking our Facebook page “Easter People.”  We will also post on Instagram. Search for Easter People.  

To make a tax-deductible donation to InSpero, please click on the donation link on our website or make checks to Clerestory, Inc. with InSpero in the memo line and mail to Clerestory, Inc. at Two Perimeter Park South, Suite 550 East, Birmingham, AL 35243.

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